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Water Tank Monitoring System

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Automatic Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System

Tank Monitoring System is web based Monitoring and Control System for water level of tanks and motor.This Wireless Water Monitoring of Water Tank in Residential Societies or in government buildings which help in Automatic Water Tank level monitoring system.No matter from which industry you belong, concrete water storage tanks can be utilized for many purposes. The concept of recycling and collecting rainwater is responsible for the growing popularity of these tanks. The basic problem that more or less all the households face is the wastage of water because of the water tank overflow. According to a study, we waste around 25% of water because of the tank overflow. To remove this problem, we have come up with Anti- overflow measures for water tank. These system is perfectly designed to prevent any sort of water wastage by reducing the overflow of water.

Automatic Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System with Anti overflow Valve :- A water level sensor board that actually detects water after it has reached a certain level to prevent the overflow. In the overflow structures of the tank, a special Anti over flow Valve mechanism is installed that properly sense the water level in the overhead tank. The circuit used in it will automatically shut off the valve to prevent the Water over flow. Overflow tank filled up to the ultimate desired level. A latch is placed inside the circuit that controls the whole process. There is no need for any manual intervention. All Anti- Over Flow Valves are controlled through a control panel.

Control Panel for Automatic Water Tank level monitoring system
Enclosure panel should be MS powder coated panel with hinged door having security lock.
All External Float Sensor interface circuit, control and communication circuits should be housed in a Enclosure
Control panel shall have security lock
All wiring shall be secured with casing caping
All wiring shall be PVC insulated with a minimum cross sectional area .
Where wiring is to be carried across door hinges, this shall be achieved by the use of flexible cable and cable groups shall be loomed and provided with flexible protective sheathing. All line voltage wiring shall be black. All control wiring colour coaded as per standards.
Termination of cables at both equipment and terminal rail end shall be by solderless crimped terminals wherever possible.

We Graphite are specialized in this System Automatic Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System with Anti overflow Valve installations.

Application of Tank Monitoring System

This Water Tank Monitoring System is useful for Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Societies, Corporate Buildings, Railway Stations, Industries, Municipal Corporation Water Supply etc.

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