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Solar Monitoring Systems

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Solar Monitoring System India

Web based solar monitoring systems in India is online remote solar energy production and monitoring.With our solar energy monitoring you can track energy production and monitor  system’ health.Our solar monitoring software is application software is controllable through a web browser via Internet.This centralized application gives various reports,charts on current Dashboards for the Efficiency of the inverter stations.

Solar Monitoring Software

1) Fully responsive which can be viewed on desktop or on mobile with high & exact resolution.
2) Main dash board will display summary of all critical/required parameters . Dashboard will be self refreshed so the all live status of all parameters ensured on dashboard.
5) Report generation of captured parameters with specific interval . Hourly, Daily, Weekly ,Monthly reports can be generated of selected parameters.
6) Generated reports can be downloaded in form of PDF, Excel.
7) Comparison of parameters. Two or more parameters can be compared on single screen graph to get idea how system is behaving with other physical parameters.

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