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Street Light Management System,Street light automation

Street light management system in India commonly known as smart street light control system is wireless street light control and monitoring system. Our street light monitoring system is intelligent street light control system which give various control and energy report from real time street light management.

Automated Street Light Management System or Street light automation

Automation Street Light management system or Street light automation from Graphite Technologies leading energy management system and solution provider of India.Our GEMS Energy monitoring system is remote web based automatic street light monitoring system which is efficiently manages Energy and help in energy cost reduction for Street light.We are providing Energy management system for street light control panel which is automatic monitor online energy consumption and get real time data for energy management of street light through web browser.We can also program GEMS Street light management system as per required (customized)r switching cycles.
Remote,Web Based Automatic GEMS Street Light Control Panel: We are manufacturer & supplier of street light automation control Panel. The GEMS are pre-programmed to switch on and off the street lights at pre defined time schedules. The GEMS can be installed  inside the existing panels of Street Light Feeders. It Connects  the lighting load of a street through the auxilliary relay contacts. The street lights can be monitored online and in real time from any location through a web browser.
We can also program the GEMS street light automation controller as per required (customized)r switching cycles. The street light automation devices are fitted with wireless GSM/GPRS module for remote configuration, monitoring and control from a smart phone or laptop or PC.

Remotely operated ,Web based GEMS Street Light Automation Panel:

The power getting costlier day by day and the various lighting technologies available, we need to control the street light using latest techniques to save electricity. So now a days street light automation is done using GPS clocks, time based switching controllers. GEMS  is well equipped to design and supply the Web based remote street light automation systems for your any type of requirements.

The street light automation controller can also be supplied with a  LCD for local data monitoring. We can also design and manufacture street light automation controllers for time based switching of street lights. The time schedule of street light automation controller can be set remotely from the SCADA software installed on a central PC or server. The street light automation controller switches on and off the street lights as per preset time schedule. We are a Pune, India based company manufacturing such street light automation controllers and supplying to electrical contratctors, system integrators, panels builders. Our street light automation controllers are being used for PWD automatic street light control, MCD automatic street light control, farm house automatic street light control, automatic street light control in big industries, airport street light automation.

Benefits of Street Light Automation Controller:

  • GEMS Street light automation controller helps in energy saving and management
  • All the street lights are switched on & off automatically at a preset time by installing street light automation controller
  • The GEMS street light automation controllers are switched on when there is actual requirement of light when there is dark.
  • Web Based Street light monitoring also helps in remote monitoring of lights and hence immediate action is possible if there is a problem or failure in any of the street lights.
  • Installing a GEMS street light automation control system, we can easily monitor the working of street lights from a central control room
  • GEMS helps in remote power management of street lights
  • Maintenance of street lights is easy after installing GEMS as we can easily find out the defect and immediately can repair it.
  • Web based monitoring and control of street lights is possible by installing GEMS automatic street light control panel.
  • Automatic log sheet generation and management is possible after installation of GEMS automatic street light control panel.
    • GEMS provides a live monitoring of all required electrical parameters of the street light circuits as below

    – voltage,



    – power factor,

    -KW, KWH, KVA and KVAH. Web based street light Monitoring helps in remote monitoring and controlling  of street lights. The system is connected to central server PC through GEMS software.

    Our  GEMS  Web based street light Management System is very important & highly required in the development of Smart City Projects

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