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Remote Wireless RF GPRS GSM Data Logger & RTU

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Remote Wireless RF GPRS GSM Data Logger & RTU

Graphite has a range of GSM/ GPRS data loggers for different applications in various industries also we do customizations if required. Now a days with the innovative technology we are able to monitor and control our electrical machines and systems from a centralized location. For this purpose wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are used. The wireless GSM GPRS data loggers are installed with the electrical machines and systems and live data is received at a central control room. We can connect a number of machines and systems to get data by installing wireless GSM GPRS data loggers with different machines. The data we want to monitor may be electrical parameters, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate, tantalizer or any data with analog or digital signals. Any type of industry can use these GSM GPRS data loggers for live data monitoring and control.

These Graphite’s web based, wireless, remote GSM GPRS data logging devices are the microprocessor based electronic device to transmit field data to a centralized server. We need a GPRS enabled SIM card to be inserted in the GSM GPRS data logger for sending the field data to a central server for live monitoring and controlling. At server end the data is stored for report generation and analysis.

Any types of sensors can be connected with the Graphite’s GSM/GPRS data logger to measure
We Graphite is supplying GSM/GPRS data loggers for temperature monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for water flow applications, GSM/GPRS data loggers for pressure monitoring, GSM/GPRS data loggers for humidity control. GSM/GPRS data loggers and RTUs are also can be used in construction machinery as well as medical sector where GSM GPRS data loggers and RTUs are being used for keeping a check on patient health. Health data is sent to the concerned doctor through GSM/GPRS data logger RTU for monitoring and analysis and taking corrective actions on immediate basis.

Graphites Remote,Wireless GPRS RTU Modem With AI/DI/DO & Ethernet, RS485 Port Graphite’s GT003 is an intelligent active GPRS RTU Modem With AI/DI/DO & Ethernet, RS485 Port with built-in specialized firmware. It is specifically designed for communication with Modbus RTU devices and provides active data transmission via GPRS connection. Except for the Modbus RTU’s data, the built-in I/O and GPS data also can be transferred to RTU Center software by the defined period or DI/AI trigger. With the built-in redundancy communication paths of GPRS and Ethernet.We Graphite also provide M2M RTU central software subscription service with attractive Graphic interface to manage the GPRS RTU products easily. Whoever is using the Graphite system can monitor the I/O data and live real time status of GPRS RTU devices/sensors/instruments/machinery by the interface on PC/Mobile/Tablets…etc… With the help of M2M RTU API tool and M2M RTU central software, any type of remote monitoring system can be monitored easily and efficiently.

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