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GSM/GPRS RS232 Communication

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GSM/GPRS RS232 Communication

Web based Remote Wireless GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU/Serial Port Communication:

If anyone wanted to take data from RS232/serial port of any of the field devices like meter AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) they have to simply connect the device/instrument/sensor/energy meter/water flow meter through RS232 cable to the RTU GT-01 immediately all the data will start sending as per the defined time interval like 1 minute to any time interval as per your requirement set to our TCP IP/Port. Graphites RTU GT-01 unit are GSM/GPRS enabled for transmitting data to remote central of Graphite Technology Solutions servers.The GSM/GPRS RS232 RTU RTU GT-01 is able to meet the demands of every network-enabled application.It will improve the service quality and reduce operating costs.

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