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Diesel Generator Monitoring System or DG monitoring system is used for diesel Generator remote monitoring.Our wireless Diesel Generator management system in India is first web based diesel generator monitoring system with wide range of report for Energy monitoring, Auditing and at most for energy conservation.This genset efficiency monitoring system used for genset efficiency monitoring.

Web Based Diesel Generator Monitoring System

Graphite Technologies Diesel Generator Monitoring System(DGMS) help you to reduce energy cost and environment impact.Diesel generator are commonly used in various Industry and enterprises and it is quite difficult to manage diesel generator monitoring at multiple location.Our Diesel Generator monitoring system gives real time online monitoring data for diesel generator.
Diesel Generator Monitoring System gives online data of Diesel Generator status and its working condition , fuel utility which is monitor from anywhere and anytime by multiple authorised user can monitor and manage Diesel Generator.
Diesel Generator monitoring at multiple remote location is very difficult. At all remote locations the system totally depends upon the site operator. All data manually given by site staff/operators . Which is not correct many times.

To avoid this manual intervention Graphite Technology Salutations has come with a solution


Which is Real Time Monitoring of DG


Monitor key generator performance parameters like

  • Engine run hours
  • Engine ON / OFF times
  • Fuel top ups / filled (optional)
  • Fuel pilferage (optional)


  • This Ensure that the generators start when needed.
  • Reduce on-site visits.
  • Remote access to generator status.
  • Know when a generator requires service and ensure that it is adequately maintained.
  • Manage fuel shipments to maximize generator uptime.
  • Know immediately when outages occur.

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