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Energy Monitoring Systems Wireless,Web Based,Online Energy Monitoring System

  • Tank Monitoring System Automatic Water Level Monitoring And Controlling System

    Tank Monitoring System is web based Monitoring and Control System for water level of tanks and motor.This Wireless Water Monitoring of Water Tank in Residential Societies or in government buildings which help in Automatic Water Tank level monitoring system.No matter from which industry you belong, concrete water storage tanks can be utilized for many purposes. The basic problem that more or less all the households face is the wastage of water because of the water tank overflow. According to a study, we waste around 25% of water because of the tank overflow. To remove this problem, we have come up with Anti- overflow measures for water tank. These system is perfectly designed to prevent any sort of water wastage by reducing the overflow of water.
    This System is useful for Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Societies, Corporate Buildings, Railway Stations, Industries, Municipal Corporation Water Supply etc.

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  • Energy Monitoring system in Inia Energy management in Pumping Systems,Automation of Pumping Station

    Energy Management in Pumping Systems and automation of Pumping Station.Graphite Technologies offer wireless Energy management systems and automation of Pumping station.We are specialized in executing energy management and automation of Pumping station to reduce energy consumption.We will help you to energy monitoring solution helps to monitoring and management of Energy utility of Pump.
    Energy Management System in Pumping Systems or Pump station achieves energy efficiency through well planned procedure and ensures continual improvement. One of the important outcomes of working through wireless Energy Management System is saving cost.

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  • Street Light Automation Street Light Automation,Automated Street Light Management System

    Street Light Automation,Automated Street Light Management System from Graphite Technologies leading wireless energy management system and solution provider of India.if you are searching for Street Light Automation to get Automated Street Light Management System.Our GEMS Energy monitoring system is remote web based automatic street light monitoring system which is efficiently manages Energy and help in energy cost reduction for Street light.We are providing Energy management system for street light control panel which is automatic monitor online energy consumption and get real time data for energy management of street light through web browser.We can also program GEMS Street light management system as per required (customized)r switching cycles.

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  • DG Monitoring System Diesel Generator Monitoring System,DG Monitoring System

    Web Based Diesel Generator Monitoring System,Wireless Diesel Generator Monitoring System

    Graphite Technologies Diesel Generator Monitoring System(DG Monitoring System) help you to reduce energy cost and environment impact.Diesel generator are commonly used in various Industry and enterprises and it is quite difficult to manage diesel generator monitoring at multiple location.Our Diesel Generator monitoring system gives real time online monitoring data for diesel generator. Diesel Generator Monitoring System gives online data of Diesel Generator status and its working condition , fuel utility which is monitor from anywhere and anytime by multiple authorised user can monitor and manage Diesel Generator.

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  • Home Automation Buildings energy management System – Smart Cities Infrastructure Energy Management Solution

    Buildings energy management System – Smart Cities Infrastructure Energy Management Solution

    Graphite Technologies Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is smart city initiative for managing Building energy or Infrastructure Energy of Smart cities of India.Our Buildings energy management solution is online Infrastructure Energy Management Solution gives real time data for energy consumption and usage in Smart city Building , Infrastructure.This data helpful for building managers to improve building energy performance and to reduce energy cost.Building energy management  system play vital role in smart city initiative to regulate and monitor heating, ventilation and air conditioning and often lighting too. A BEMS can efficiently control a building’s energy usage.

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  • street light Monitoring system Smart city street lighting – Intelligent street lighting system

    GEMS  Street  Light Dimmer – For Smart City Street Light Automation Projects

    Graphite technologies provide GEMS Street Light Dimmer for smart city street lighting automation project.Our Intelligent street lighting system is used to control intensity of Street lights during night.This is automatically manage and control energy utilization of Street light in smart cities of India like Pune , Mumbai etc.The automatic dimmer works as per pre-programmed logic  to control the lights at different hours of night. GEMS  is well equipped with it.
    GEMS can be used on Express high ways, Colony roads, Smart City roads, Metro roads, Mast lights where light of roads is must.Our Street Light Automation solutions helps smart cities in India for efficient Street Lighting monitoring and Street Light management system.

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